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Noble Stonework comprise of siblings Lydia and Cuthbert Noble from Shepley, West Yorkshire where their family have been building with stone for the past 200 years. Many of the notable buildings of the area, such as Shepley School and Cliffe House, are Noble built.

With knowledge passed down from our forebears, we are able to take on even the most complicated jobs and execute them to the very highest standard.

We have learnt the craft of dry stone walling from our father William Noble: dswa Master Craftsman and Senior Examiner. We have also benefitted from the advice of several other highly respected Master Craftsmen and Master Builders.

Lydia and Cuthbert are both Advanced level, professional members of the dswa.

Lydia recently received the dswa pinnacle award for a project built by herself and Adam Clarke over the winter of 14/15. This is the highest honour available from the dswa. ¶
Noble Stonework provide dry stone walling, stone masonry and building services to the highest standard. We are able to work with clients to advise on all phases of a project including design, budget, planning and construction.

Dry Stone Walling

Noble Stonework is able to undertake any dry stone walling project from field walls and garden features to buildings.


With training that started in childhood from our father and subsequent training at the Orton Trust by Master Craftsmen Brendan Teasdale and Neville Slack, we can take on smaller restoration projects on vernacular buildings. These services include restoration of fireplaces, doorways, windows and gateways. We are Specialists in ‘ random and rubble masonry’.


Our building services include, masonry walling, reclaimed brick walling, pointing, flagging and paving.


Noble Stonework can provide training courses for people with any level of experience with walling. We are both qualified instructors with the DSWA.

Lydia Noble
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